What is Colony Health & Benefits Solutions?

We are a local full service health and benefits agency always focused on helping you find, understand and implement programs that will benefit you.

What makes Colony Health different from other companies?

We specialize in small companies and individual needs. We focus on providing education and options that will best meet your needs.

What is a premium?

Premium is the cost that must be paid in to the insurance company each month in order to start and maintain a policy.

How do I make changes to my policy (i.e., mailing address, billing plan, coverages, etc.)?

Changes can be made by contacting our office. Please note, some changes can only be made directly with the insurance company. However, we try to streamline the process as much as possible.

What is the difference between group and individual health insurance?

Generally group policies are available through your employer. They are set up and controlled by your employer. Premiums are deducted through payroll, and there are usually only one or two plans available from which to choose. Individual Insurance is written either through the Marketplace, or directly with an insurance company. Premiums are paid by directly by the insured. They have the choice of company and plan within the company’s offerings.

What is Medicare, and how does it all work?

Medicare, supplements, and Medicare Advantage are all products that generally become available to those who are either turning 65, or have become disabled. This type of health insurance is provided by the Federal Government, but there are ways to enhance that coverage, or replace it with different product offerings. This is where education is KEY, and we provide lots of it for those getting ready to enter that world!

What is a High Deductible Health Plan?

This is a health insurance plan that has a higher deductible where all of your medical costs will apply toward the deductible. Important to note is that those enrolled always benefit for the allowable charge, thus reducing out of pocket cost. Once deductible is reached many plans then pay at 100%. Cost for these types of plans are usually lower that a more traditional plan.One of the benefits to this type of health plan is that the insured then has the ability to set up a health savings account.

What is a health savings account?

This is an account in which the insured can set aside a set amount of money each month on a tax advantaged basis. This allows for future health care costs to be paid from that fund, resulting in less cost to the insured. Funds in this account grow tax deferred, and will always be owned by the insured. If funds are used for medical purposes, there will never be taxes paid on those expenses.

What is Life Insurance with Living Benefits?

This is life insurance that not only pays when the insured passes,but if the insured becomes terminally, critically, or chronically ill, or has a critical accident. Money is available should the insured and owner of the policy feel it can be helpful. This can alleviate much worry and stress during a time of illness.

What is a Fixed Income Annuity?

This is a product made available by an insurance company that grows based on the performance of an index. (Be it the S & P 500 or many others) If the index performs negatively in a given year, there is no loss in your account. In years of growth, the annuity funds increase. There are also guaranteed lifetime riders available that will guarantee a rate of return for up to 10 years!

As a small business owner, why do I need to worry about being in “Compliance”?

The department of labor (DOL) has initiated a number of guidelines and laws that require business owners of all size to follow them, or be out of compliance. If this occurs and is identified during an audit, there are sizable fines incurred. Having a few simple documents in place and alleviate that worry, and help you feel confident in your benefit offerings.

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