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We help protect your valuable possessions, be it your family, home, or business, by teaching financial concepts and examining different products that will best meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on listening, educating, and consulting to help you develop a plan that can provide protection for those you love, and help meet your financial goals. And when you’re ready to start enjoying the fruits of all your labor, we can help with products that maximize retirement income for life!

Both indexed annuities and life insurance should be considered in your long-term financial plan. While both include death benefits, you buy life insurance in the event you die too soon and an annuity in case you live too long. In other words, life insurance provides economic protection for your loved ones if you die before your financial obligations are met, while annuities guard against outliving your savings.

Life Insurance

In its simplest form, life insurance is a promise between an insurance company and you, the policy owner. There are many types of life insurance and which one is right for you depends on a number of factors.

We offer products that provide comprehensive protection for you, your family, and or your business. We also offer a tax-free retirement plan and Living Benefits to protect your plan.

What are Living Benefits?

Living benefits pay a portion of the life insurance policywhen the policyholder has a critical illness, injury or cognitive diagnosis. These conditionscan cause severe financial stress in the family, as incomescease, and bills keep coming. It can also allow for experimental treatments that may not be covered by health insurance.

“Living Benefits” should be a part of everyone’s life insurance program, and can be accomplished through either term or permanent products.

Why is life insurance important?

Buying life insurance protects your spouse and children from the potentially devastating financial losses that could result if something happened to you. It provides financial security, helps to pay off debts,living expenses, and medical or final expenses.

Our life insurance plans are available through Alliance Group and National Life.

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An annuity allows a person to deposit money (premiums) with an insurance company that can earn interest and grow on a tax-deferred basis with the agreement that the insurance company will then provide a series of payments to the customer at regular intervals in the future. Otherwise known as “Privatized Pensions”.

Annuities are not life insurance policies. They are, in fact, designed to serve the exact opposite purpose. Whereas life insurance guarantees income in the event of your death, an annuity guarantees income no matter how long you live. After a person dies, the insurance company distributes any remaining payments to beneficiaries in a lump sum or stream of payments.

There are generally two different types of annuities:


Provides income payments that normally begin within a year after the premium is paid.


Provide income payments that begin later, often after many years. Deferred annuities are designed for long-term savings purposes.

Our portfolio of products consists of highly rated companies and their Fixed Indexed Annuity product line. These products provide an opportunity for stock market-type growth, no risk of loss, and the ability for a lifetime income.

Our annuity products are made available through National Life Group, Alliance Group, and Ideal Marketing.

Each of these groups offer a number of companies for us to work with. This allows us to build the perfect plan for your needs.

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